Medical Review Officer (MRO) Team Member Training

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The Medical Review Officer’s team members Assistant play an integral role supporting the work of the Medical Review Officer (MRO) in ensuring a quality drug and alcohol testing process that provides the employer with the tools to maintain a safe, drug-free workplace.

The Medical Review Officer is a licensed doctor and subject matter expert who is responsible for reviewing, evaluating and sharing drug and alcohol test results with the employee, employer and with appropriate local, state or federal agencies in a regulated setting. The MRO may be assisted by additional non-physician staff, who perform certain administrative tasks such as obtaining and sorting of forms, entering most negative results and providing non-negative and fatally flawed files to the MRO for review. The MRO team members are supervised by the MRO.

Both the MRO and MRO team member “act as independent and impartial ‘gatekeepers’ and advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process” while, at the same time, protecting the confidentiality of drug testing information.

MRO team members are typically trained by the MRO in a practice. This course was developed to create uniformity and standardization within the industry for MRO team mebers. The course meets the regulatory standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), providing the knowledge and skills to qualify MRO team members for assisting in DOT-regulated screening. It also prepares them with a solid foundation for non-regulated testing.

With certification, the MRO team member can show they are trained and proficient in performing their job at the level necessary for regulatory compliance.

The Course

This is a professional-level course to qualify the MRO team meber under DOT 49 CFR Part 40. It provides detailed knowledge of the drug and alcohol screening process and the MRO team member responsibilities as well as the specific functions and tasks the MRO team member can and cannot assist the MRO with.

Regulatory StandardExaminationDeliverablesIndustry Applicability
FederalUniversal skills setMulti-industry
40 CFR Part 40 – Subparts Final Examination – 90% to pass.DOT QualificationPublic sector 
NDASA Certification Regulated by federal, state or local mandates
Private sector

Upon taking and passing a final examination, participants in this course will be issued a certification confirming that they are eligible to take on the role of a federally qualified Medical Review Officer team member and follow the highest professional standards set.


Process Overview: Negative Lab Results

In this lesson we will discuss the process for reviewing, certifying, providing notification and filing a negative drug test result the MRO team member must follow.

Process overview: Non-negative results

When a lab sends a non-negative drug test result to the MRO’s office. It is the MRO’s responsibility to investigate and evaluate. This lesson covers the supporting role the MRO team member plays in this situation.

Limitations of the MRO Team Member Role

As important as knowing the duties that the MRO team member is typically responsible for, is understanding the tasks the MRO team member cannot perform. This lesson outlines the specific limitations set by the regulatory language.

Making Donor Contact

The regulatory language drives the process for contacting an employee and what must be done if the MRO’s office is unable to reach the donor. This lesson provides the steps for contacting the employee.

Ethics & Oversight

This lesson serves as a reminder to MRO team members that they must never circumvent the regulations or the mandated process to save time. The legal consequences for taking a shortcut could be significant.

MRO Team Member Exam

Length: 0 minutes

This lesson includes the examination for this course. Once the MRO team member completes and passes the exam, they will receive NDASA’s MRO Team Member Certification.