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NDASA members who become NDASA University Partners have tremendous opportunities to build their business online.

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If you haven’t already, we hope you will read all about the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association’s industry-pioneering NDASA University Partner Program.

At this level of partnership, NDASA members receive their own online learning site, customized with their branding — including name, logo and colors — and links leading to their main website. This premium-branded site gives users a more seamless learning experience and is a fantastic reinforcement of the NDASA University Partner’s branding and authority.

NDASA University Partners at this level also receive:

  • 70% sales commissions sent directly to their digital payment account
  • 70% discounts on NDASA’s gold-standard courses and services — and permission to resell them for profit
  • the ability to create and manage teams of learners — which is great for corporate training and group instruction
  • powerful tools to track sales, commissions, teams and individual buyers
  • NDASA resources and tech support that maximize the value of the partnership


Partnerships include customer service for setup, general troubleshooting for accessing and taking courses and one status report regarding student progress per month (upon request). 

Partner Courses

Refer Customers

How easy is this? Sell Courses by Adding Our Referral Link to Your Site or FeedsThese NDASA University Partners collect a commission every time they successfully refer from their website(s) someone who makes a purchase from NDASAUniversity.com. The more they promote NDASA University’s gold-standard industry training and educational resources, the more they stand to be rewarded for the role they play in fostering drug-free workplaces and communities. dollars more wisely.

Buy Courses & Resell

When selling a team product, one owner handles all billing, and can share team access with other members they invite. Great for selling corporate training accounts, nonprofit memberships, family subscriptions — and so much more!

Bulk Discounts

We offer different pricing versions of our products so you can pay what you can afford without falling into a price category that does not work for you.

Manage Orders & Commissions

A dashboard makes it easy for everyone to track orders, customers, commissions and payouts. Studying conversions from website visits or e-mail clicks to bonafide sales from NDASA U. also gives these Partners more insight into the effectiveness of their outreach and helps them spend their marketing dollars more wisely.


Custom Branding

These NDASA University Partners receive an online learning site that looks like their company and gives users a more seamless learning experience. Branded learning sites are customized with the Partner’s logo, colors and links that directs visitors and learners back to their corporate website. This learning site contains all of the NDASA-approved courses thousands of American employers and workers trust. As NDASA adds new courses, these Partners will have new ways to market their services — and more opportunities to increase revenue from online course sales.


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