NDASA University Partner (NDASA-Branded) – Annual Renewal Required

$495.00 / year

NDASA members who become NDASA University Partners have tremendous opportunities to build their business online — and to collect 70% commissions for resale of, and referral to, the gold-standard products and services at NDASAUniversity.com. This is an annual program fee and renewal is required yearly.

Not an NDASA member? Become a member today.

If you haven’t already, we hope you will read all about the National Drug and Alcohol Screening Association’s industry-pioneering NDASA University Partner Program. Your access to partner benefits will be available for one year from the time of purchase. The annual partnership fee covers customer service for setup, general troubleshooting for accessing and taking courses and one status report regarding student progress per month (upon request).

At this level of partnership, NDASA members receive:

  • 70% sales commissions sent directly to their digital payment account
  • 70% discounts on NDASA’s gold-standard courses and services — and permission to resell them for profit
  • the ability to create and manage teams of learners — which is great for corporate training and group instruction
  • powerful tools to track sales, commissions, teams and individual buyers
  • NDASA resources and tech support that maximize the value of the partnership


Partner Courses
Purchase Instructions
  1. Name your class. This is for record-keeping purposes only. Give your class a name that makes sense to you and helps you keep track of who is taking the class. Note: If you are purchasing the training for another student, you will have to manually transfer the course to that student once you have purchased it. View the Instructions Page for guidance.
  2. Are you taking this course? If so, check the Take up a seat box. If you are purchasing the training for someone else, do not check the box.